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Web Page Uploading

Each dial-up account at Digicomm Access receives an area of hard disk space to host web pages. A personal dial-up account receives up to 5 Megabytes of hard disk space. Personal web pages are free of charge if you have a dial-up account with us, and Business web pages only cost $16.95 per month with a dial-up account. Personal web pages do have some restrictions associated with them, for more information please send e-mail to info@dcaccess.com .

You will have to pre-design your web pages on your computer system prior to transferring them to the server. This requires that you have some knowledge of HTML code and some basics on how to build a web page.
Once you have this you can begin to design your web page, you can use any tool you wish to create your web page, Netscape Gold, HotDog, or any plain text editor like Notepad or even the MS-DOS Edit program. The only limit to your design is your knowledge of HTML code and your imagination. Although there is one exception, Microsofts Front Page for Windows 95, this product has extensions that are not fully supported.

If this all sounds a little out of your reach you can download a pre-designed template that will help you get started, then modify it to meet your needs. To download the template click here .

Another alternative if you prefer is to have someone custom build your web page, we can accommodate you with this as well by custom designing your web page for you, the choice is yours.

If you have decided to go it alone the following information will help guide you through transferring your web page to the server.

In order to get your web page files transferred to the server you will need to use a special program called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This is part of the TCP/IP suite of programs and comes standard on all Windows 95 and Windows NT systems. If you are using Windows 3.1(1)/95/98/NT or a MAC you should get a copy of some type of FTP program before you can transfer your web page to the server, I think the best choice for Windows 3.1(1)/95/98/NT users is the Ws_FTP graphical FTP client. If you are using a MAC we can't recommend any particular program but you can take a look at what we have on our system, just click here.

If for some reason this does not interest you, we can do this for you. Just e-mail your web page files to us and we can take care of rest, although there is a $5 charge for this service it can save you time and get your page loaded without the needing to be familiar with FTP.

Note: You must notify us before you will be able to FTP your web page to the server, send us an email at help@dcaccess.com before you try.

Each e-mail address on the system has a folder associated with it on the servers hard disk, and in this folder there is a sub-directory called webdocs. The web server will only server files located in the webdocs directory, so you must FTP all the files associated with your page into this directory, this includes any icons, graphics, and text files.

When you FTP files to the server you will need a username and password to access the server. If you are not sure what your username is just use the first part of your e-mail address for the login username, and then use the password for your e-mail account i.e., my address is wrcook@dcaccess.com so my username would be wrcook and I would then use the password associated with that e-mail account.

Once you have been connected to the server you will change into the webdocs directory by typeing cd webdocs or if using a graphical FTP client double-click on the webdocs directory. Now transfer your files onto the server.

The following is important information concerning your web page files

1.) Your initial starting web page file needs to have the filename index.htm

2.) All your files will be case sensitive once stored on the server and your html code should reflect this.

3.) You should store all your html files and graphics in one directory not multiple directories, this will save you time in uploading your files and many headaches later.

If you would like to use a graphical FTP program to transfer your files you can download Ws_FTP a graphical FTP client that we recommend to help you with the transfer process. The Ws_FTP program is freeware and is much easier to understand than the command line mode of FTP.