This page contains information concerning our system and anything that is relevant to our users. It also contains a list of any scheduled outages we are planning with the date and time the system will be off line. It also contains information on any unscheduled outages that occur.

February 17, 1999

We finally received the additional dialup lines from US West, this should help in reducing busy signals.

January 19, 1999

New dialup lines are on order with USWest. They have put the order on hold to allow themselves time to install additional cable pairs outside of the central office. They are anticipating installation completion in the next ten days.

56K Update-January 18,1999

U.S. West has delayed installation of the channelized T1ís. The first T1 originally scheduled for January 11th has moved to April. Needed modifications to the telephone switch located in U.S. Westís central office on 6th Avenue will be begin mid-March, making the T1ís available after the first week in April.

Jan 13, 1999
We have added a system to our Mail server to help reduce the amount of SPAM we are receiving. If anyone has any problems please make sure that you have a fully quillified e-mail address on your system (me@dcaccess.com) or you will not be able to mail anything.
We are also now connected into the Realtime Blackhole List which keeps a running database of SPAMMERS and the domains they come from, we hope this will decrease the amount of junk mail we are receiving.

56K Migration
Jan 15, 1999
Testing and debugging on the first 56K will start, this will not effect any other connections and there will be no system problems or interruptions.
Jan 14, 1999
USWest will be channelizing the first T1 line, this will not cause any system problems or interruptions.
Jan 11, 1999
USWest will be installing the first of two digital T1 lines, this should not cause any system problems or interruptions.