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DigiComm Access Services

Dial-up Services

Dial-up Connections
$18.95/month (Digital 56K or 33.6K)
5 megabytes personal web space
Unlimited Use (Use as long as you like)
additional e-mail accounts
shell account (upon request)
In-home setup fee - $20

Multi-link Connections
$37.90/month (Digital 56K or 33.6K)
Includes same details as single dial-up connection
In-home setup fee - $30

E-mail only accounts
Unlimited use.
In-home setup fee - $20

Dedicated Dial-up Connections (33.6K only)
$75/month (33.6K)
10 megabytes personal web space
Unlimited Use (No busy signals, it's your connection)
additional e-mail accounts
shell account (upon request)
One time setup fee - $75
In-home setup fee - $20

Web Page Hosting
DigiComm Access offers virtual and non virtual web sites. Virtual web sites provide a unique domain name for your business. For example, if your company's name is Widget Inc, the URL address for your home page would be "http://www.widget.com". Unique IP addresses are available options for virtual web sites. However, unique IP addresses are not necessary when newer browsers such as Internet Explorer 3 or Netscape 2 and up are used to browse your site. Non-virtual web sites have URL addresses that start with "http://www.dcaccess.com/". For example, the URL for Widget Inc. would be "http://www.dcaccess.com/~widget/".
Virtual Web Site
Includes 8 megabytes disk space
6 accounts for email 1 account for ftp
Unique domain name
Primary and Secondary Domain Name Hosting
Static IP address
Internic Registration Fee for a .com domain - $70 for first 2 years
Setup Fee - $25

Non-Virtual Web Site
$16.95/month with a subscription, $20.00/month without
Includes 5 megabytes disk space
1000 megabytes /month bandwidth
4 accounts for email 1 account for ftp
Primary and Secondary Domain Name Hosting
Setup Fee - $25

Personal Computer Consulting
DigiComm Access offers professional personal computer consulting, maintenance contracts, and support for all IBM and compatible personal computers. This includes hardware upgrades, maintenance, software support, and software upgrades. We can also consult with you on new purchases for home or business to help you determine the best computer for your needs. We handle most configurations and will support most hardware. Although we do not carry or stock repair parts we will purchase and install parts as needed. We can offer support for most software packages and have an extensive background with many software titles, we can provide support in software installations and upgrading.

Personal Computer Consulting
Includes all repair, upgrading, installation, and support

New Purchase Consulting
Includes information you can use to help purchase a new computer system along with tips on where to find good deals.

We provide custom networking consulting, design, and implementation. We can setup, support, and do complete installation for any size network. Our specialty is working with the Microsoft Windows platforms but we can network any combination of Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, OS/2, Macintosh, and UNIX systems. We do custom consutling for Wide Area Network connections as well as small business needs of two or more computers. We have an extensive knowledge of the Microsoft and IBM networking technologies, techniques, and architectures.

Network Consulting Fees
10 years networking experience
Use our expertise in the networking field to help with repair, upgrading, installation, support, and new system purchases.

Networking Fees
Network fees will be determined on a per system basis, and will be discussed and negotiated prior to initiating any work.

Custom Web Page Designs
Get your business on the web, we can custom design your web page and work with you to get your business the exposure that only the Internet can provide. If you are interested please contact info@dcaccess.com to discuss your needs and see if the Internet is the proper place for you to marketing your business.

Custom Web Page Design
Includes custom web page development
Registration of your web page with 10 of the most prominent search engines
You are responsible to creating a story board depicting your view of your web page
You are responsible for supplying any custom artwork or logos you want to included on your page.