This page is intended to supplement any support you might receive from Digicomm Access. This page will contain information concerning web page design, web page layout, and give you help when uploading your own web page. It will also have information on common problems and fixes that we have encountered. If you have a fix, or information you would like to add to this page please send it to help@dcaccess.com

Did you know that as a current customer of Digicomm Access if you refer someone to us, and they subsribe to our service you get your next months subscription FREE. That's right, all you need to do is tell someone about us and if they signup and tell us you referred them you'll get your next months subscription free.

Technical Support Telephone #'s - Dick Cook 645-9435 or Bob Henderson 645-9515

Setup your Dial-up Connection
The information on these pages will help you get connected to DigiComm Access. They also contains information for those who are already connected.
Configure Mail and News
The information on this page will help you configure your E-mail and News programs.
56K Modem Information
This page has links to sites with information about 56K modems and information on modem manufacturers.
Web Page Upload
This page explains how and where to upload your personal web page.