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Configuring Mail and News

Your email address is usualy your dial-up account login name with @dcaccess.com, @lakepowell.net, @page-az.com, or @page-lakepowell.com appended. Your email password is the same as your dial-up account password.

Each DigiComm account includes up to five additional email addresses. If you would like additional addresses set up, please request them through The Help Desk Information will be emailed to you on how to access them once they are set up.

If you connect up using "login" as your login name (also called username), then your email address is:

login@dcaccess.com, login@lakepowell.net, login@page-az.com, or login@page-lakepowell.com

and your POP username is just login

DigiComm Mail/POP3/SMTP server: mail.dcaccess.com
DigiComm News/NNTP server: news.goodnet.com
   no authentication, login or password required for news access

Outlook Express 98

If you are getting set up for the first time, please download the Internet Connection Wizard documentation for Windows 95 or Windows 98

  • Select the Tools menu.
  • Select the Accounts... menu item.
  • Click on the Add button and select Mail....
  • Display name, fill in your real name, for instance: John Doe. Click Next>
  • Email address, your username followed by @dcaccess.com, for instance: johnd@dcaccess.com. Click Next>
  • My incoming mail server is a POP3 server.
  • The Incoming mail (POP3) server AND the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server are mail.dcaccess.com. Click Next>
  • Choose Log on using and fill in your username (also called login name) in the POP account name box (this is all lowercase without the @dcaccess.com at the end, for instance johnd. Put your password in the Password box. Please remember, your password is case sensitive. Click Next>
  • For the Internet mail account name leave what it has in there. Click Next>
  • Connect using a phone line. Click Next>
  • Make sure your modem is in the pull down box shown. Click Next>
  • Choose Use existing dial-up connection and click on the dial-up networking connection for DigiComm. Click Next>
  • Click Finish
  • Highlight the account in the "Internet Accounts" window and click the Set as default button.

Netscape Communicator (4.x) Mail

  • Select the Communicator menu and the Messenger Mailbox menu item.
  • Select the Edit menu and the Preferences... menu item.
  • In the Preferences window, under the Category section, select the Mail & Groups item.
        Fill in the Your name: field with your real name.
        Fill in the Email address: field with your email address, yourlogin@dcaccess.com
        You can ignore the remaining fields.

      Mail Server:
        Fill in the Mail server user name: with your login name (all lowercase).

      Outgoing and Incoming mail server:

      Mail server type:
        POP3 Note: to have Netscape remember your password, click on "More Options"

      Group Server:
        Discussion Groups (news) server: news.goodnet.com

  • Netscape 2 and 3.x Mail

    Step I:
      Start Netscape.
      Click on the Options menu.
      Select the Mail and News Prefs... item.

    Step II:
      Click on the Identity tab at the top of the window.
      Fill in the Name field with your real name.
      Fill in the E-mail Address field with your email address.
      Your email address is your login name with @dcaccess.com
      for example: johnd@dcaccess.com
    Step III:
      Click on the Servers tab.
      For Outgoing (SMTP) and Incoming (POP3) mail servers, put mail.dcaccess.com

      For News (NNTP) Server, put news.dcaccess.com

      Fill in the POP Username field with your login name, not your real name.
      Please do NOT append @dcaccess.com to this field.
    Step IV:
      Click on the Organization tab.
      Click on the Remember Password button if you don't want to enter your password each time you start mail.
    Step V:
      From the Options menu, select Save Settings.
      If your version of Netscape doesn't have this option, don't worry it will save its settings automatically.
    You can now read your mail by starting Netscape and selecting the Windows menu and the Netscape Mail menu item, or by simply clicking on the letter icon in the lower right hand corner of Netscape's main window.

    Eudora Mail

    When running Eudora for the first time, just after installation:
    • POP Account: Your dial-up account login name with @dcaccess.com appended, for example: johnd@dcaccess.com
    • Real Name: Your real name
    • Return Address: Your email address, for example: johnd@dcaccess.com
    • Connect Method: Select Winsock (Network, PPP, SLIP)
    Thats it, go to the File menu and select Check Mail to check for new email.

    To modify an existing Eudora configuration, go into the Tools menu and choose Options... Click on Getting Started now follow the guidelines above.

    Internet Explorer Mail (IE 2.x or 3.x)

    An Internet Mail Configuration Wizard will start when you begin this program for the first time. The following will step you through the setup in the order the questions are asked.
    • Name: enter your real name
    • Email Address: enter your login name with @dcaccess.com (for example mylogin@dcaccess.com)
    • Incoming Mail (POP3) Server: enter mail.dcaccess.com
    • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: enter mail.dcaccess.com
    • Choose Login using: then at Account Name: enter your dial-up account login name. At Password: enter your dial-up account password.
    • Under Use the following Dial-up Networking Connection: select I use a modem to access my email then select DigiComm
    • Finished!!

    Microsoft Inbox Mail (Exchange)

    Here is a great page for setting up your Inbox.
    Please be sure to use mail.dcaccess.com for the mail server name.

    If you need assistance, please email The Help Desk.