DigiComm Access Dial-up Setup
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Setting up your Dial-up Connection

    Most newer computers already have all the software needed to use the Internet. Here are documents on setting up dial-up connections on the Mac, Windows 95 and Windows 98 systems.
    There is also information to set up your email software too.

    If you are using Windows 3.x, or have an older release of Windows 95, here is preconfigured software for the Windows 3.x, and Windows 95 that includes Internet Explorer. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS 95 WITH INTERNET EXPLORER 4.0 OR ON WINDOWS 98

    To manually configure your software, please be sure to set the following things correctly.

Your IP addr: (dynamic) Netmask:
Domain: dcaccess.com MTU/MRU: 1500
Name server addr: Gateway addr:
(if using Win 95 or Win 98 please specify server assigned IP and name server addresses. The Gateway address is not necessary either, it only applies to Linux, OS/2, and Mac users at this time)
SMTP/POP3 (mail): mail.dcaccess.com NNTP (news): news.goodnet.com

    Technical Stuff

    PPP is the Point-to-Point Protocol. Using PPP you receive IP packets off the Internet as a live host. Your computer actually becomes part of the Internet.

    DigiComm has Windows 95/98 Dial-Up Networking Support using PAP authentication. This means that you have the option of logging in over the PPP connection. You don't need any kind of script at all, just have your software dial the number and start PPP as soon as you connect. (If you are one of our early customers still using a script it is no longer necessary, although you do not need to remove it to continue your service)

    Once the connection is established, the login name and password are sent via the PPP protocol before an active session can begin. For this to work, you must have software that has support for the PAP protocol, have it enabled, and have filled in your login name and password in the correct case (usually lowercase) in the appropriate entry fields.

    When using dial-up networking (PAP), there is no need to have a capital "P" before your login name . The P is only used to manually start PPP or via a script login. Dial-up networking is a different way of starting PPP.

    If you don't use PAP to enable PPP on DigiComm, please login with a capital 'P' in front of your login name (password is the same). For instance, the subscriber with a login of 'john' and password 'x75tU!' would login as follows:

    DCaccess login: Pjohn
    Password: x75tU! <---- the password never actually echos

    PPP will start immediately after login, there will be no prompts to wait for.

Have FUN!!!